Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surprise Surprise

We surprised the kids with with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for a few days. It was completely a suprise. We told them we were going for a drive to find how many trees with flowers we could spot. They were bored with-in minutes.

You have to watch the full length of the video to see it register on their faces. It was so much fun for us.

The park was fun and exhausting. We are super worn out. We had lunch with our Aunt Leatha and mostly swam.

One excitement that the park offered was a "Wizard Quest". It had wands that you went on a hunt for wizard objects. Talking trees, howling wolfs, and spell books were a few of the fun things we found. If we were not in the water we were going up and down the stairs for hours on this scavenger hunt. My kids are now Master Magi.

We were so busy I don't have any pictures of us doing anything at the park.

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