Monday, May 25, 2009

Our weekend

We had a busy weekend. I only took the one photo. I figured you all had enough to last a lifetime. Sorry to those that saw this on facebook.

Friday :
---The bunk got delivered. Baby boy was super happy. (Yes I know that this picture shows his name)
---We had them signed up to go to open gym so that we could double date with some friends. Friend's youngest ran super high fever and had to cancel.
---Took them to the movie. It was sold out.
---Went to dinner
---Kids had a sleep over in baby boy's top bunk. They got to bring the portable dvd player in his room and watch movies. They had a blast! Finally no disappointment.

---Hung out at the house. The kids wanted to play on the bunks most of the morning. They were a bit grumpy from lack of sleep from the sleepover.
---Went to a bbq place with old friend from our singles group. The kids made fast friends with their kids. We had our own room so they went crazy running and having a blast.

---The fun part of the day was going to see "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". We went to a movie where you get eat dinner with a full menu and watch the movie. It was really funny and the kids loved it!

---Baby girl woke up with a tooth hanging out in her cheek.
---We headed to Six Flags. We hung out a long bit of the day.
---We came home and cuddled.
---My feet were hurting so I went to go get a pedicure. I went to the place that massages for 30 min. :)
---Kids got called to a friends house to go swimming. Both kids got to go :)
---Daddy finally got his Chinese food.
---Tooth fairy visited.

We had a wonderful weekend. How was yours?

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Anonymous said...

Love the photo--his happiness shines through.
We had a good holiday with Bekah-Bekah, Andy, and son, plus Andy's dad and stepmom here for supper. It rained some, but was nice by the time they got here, so Petes got to cook out.
Today I had to go back to school, but Petes had time to work around the house.