Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dentist

Today was the children's semiannual dental cleaning.

Baby boy has inherited my teeth. He had 3 cavities. He brushes and flosses 2 times a day.

He will get the first two filled next Wednesday.

Baby girl has no problems with her enamel. She has teeth crowding. The dentist told me that he wants to wait until next visit to seal her back teeth. Then we also will have our chat about braces.

He said that he thinks she will need two round of braces. It would be a little more expensive that way but be much easier on her and get better results.

He said that the first round might be a short period wearing braces and a couple baby teeth pulled. Then give her a retainer to wear until she is about 12. She then would wear the braces for another short period.

So fun and games for the kids and our wallet coming up soon.

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