Monday, April 20, 2009

To brag or not to brag that is the question

Here is the picture that Bana took of us on the way to the wedding. Thanks!

I contemplated whether I should brag on my kids or not...I will. If a mamma can't do it on her own blog then when?

I am so proud of my kids. They get along in ways that I never could have dreamed a brother and sister could. They have their tiffs but it is so rare.

Last week Hubby, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy had lunch up at the school. Baby bought Baby boy an ice cream cone with her allowance. Baby boy loves to do things for her too!

Both of them have teachers for a couple of years that told me that they are absolute pleasures to have in their class.

One mom told me that she loves when my kids come over for a play date because they are the only kids she has that show respect. That listen and don't exclude others.

I know they each do have areas where they can work on behavior but over all they are excellent children. I could never ask for better.

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Anonymous said...

We agree!

Bana and Petes