Sunday, March 15, 2009

Um..well I need to tell you something.

This will be the title of baby boy's autobiography in the future. He starts every sentence with this chant.

The first chapter will be titled "Sissis, are you done with that? I will eat it."

The second chapter will be titled "Tummy Time."

The third chapter will be titled "I so sorry. Mommy you're so beautiful."

The up side of hubby being laid off is that he has gotten to be with us more. The kids are keeping him on his toes and laughing.


Kristy said...

That is so cute. If I wrote a book about Rayn the title would be "WEll Actually"!!! Too funny.

Love, Kristy

Yomaida said...

awe! I like this post. Hope all is well with you. We havent chatted in a while!

I also appreciate The Skinny on Eating far so good on my new healthy living! My husband has been helping me a lot!

Enjoy the SB! :-)