Thursday, January 15, 2009


Christmas gift projects

My new coat. Thanks Bana and Petes. Sorry it took so long to get the picture up.

I picked up a bunch of snacks for the kids. I washed them and set them out pretty. The kids got really excited and all the blueberries, half the strawberries, 1 orange, two apples, and a bunch of grapes are now gone. I got this today. :) When you wash fruit and make it pretty the love it. I am keeping it out on the table for them.


Anonymous said...

We're glad you got the coat, since it's 22 degrees here today (assume the temp in Plano is also cold)! Love the pictures of the kids with their Art projects. You are a brave mom to let both of them paint at the same time! The picture of the fruit is wonderful, and it's no wonder they loved it.

We love all of you--
Bana and Petes

Kristy said...

I love the coat Rebecca, it looks great on you and I sure wish I could grab some of those blueberries!!!

Love, Kristy