Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 6 Disney

We went to Epcot today. You will notice that our faces and my hair are getting wider. We had a wonderful day.

This section of my post is for Cleany. We had pastries in France just for you. Baby boy has a goatee of chocolate. That was completely by accident.

We got to make masks and in each country they add a tag. We visited Morocco and Japan in these pictures. Baby boy was really impressed that Japan makes a lot of his favorite toys. They both got to find out how to write their names in Japanese.

We got to enter the "Worlds Fair" and see fun house mirrors. The best part was the White house replica and see a video/show about America's history. Baby girl is a history buff and loved it!

We had lunch/dinner in Italy. We were disappointed in our pasta that was 25 dollars for what tasted like Ravioli out of a can. The kids were excited that they got to see what Saint Marks Square looked like because Mommy and Daddy had been there. Baby girl asked me to take her to visit Rome.
We finished the day with a little imagination.

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