Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sibling love

The other day baby girl woke up in a really good mood. She was hugging and kissing and being kind to her brother. They asked me to take pictures.

The other big news is for the second year in a row baby girl is changing teachers. They sent home a note on Friday that her teacher is being moved to a new school because they have a shortage of teachers there. We have a small number of first grade kids in our school zone.

I have mixed emotions. Baby girl is upset because she says that the school doesn't like her because the do this every year. She is happy because she gets to be in classes with her best girl friends. She had figured out that her teacher was expecting so we will miss out on a substitute for six weeks. I hope the move is good like last year.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry this happened to her for a second year. But being on the "inside" this year as my principal tries to decide what to do about adjusting teachers/students at our school, I know how hard those in charge try to make it "right" for everyone. Please tell Baby Girl that Bana says to try to be patient, because the school wants to do what is best for her and for all the kids.