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I decided to share this journal I typed up for a different website. I hope some of you find it interesting. If not you can always watch the videos of the kids below. xoxo, Rebecca

Our society wants to be healthy but we lack the knowledge. We attempt to purchase food that we have been lead to believe is healthy. Many times I have been tempted to reach for Tofu or Soy milk.

This weekend I went to a workshop through the PTA. Donna Voette, N.D. had a presentation on how our foods effect our children. I thought I would share some of the information she shared with us along with information I have researched myself. I hope you find this informative.

Soy Formula, a Significant Source of Xenoestrogens in Children "Soy formula is one of the worst foods that you could feed your child." Dr Joseph Mercola

1. Soy contains PHYTOESTROGENS (Hormones from plants) affect hormonal balance. Soy-fed infants have 13,000 to 22,000 higher levels of estrogens than milk-fed infants. This is the equivalent of giving your baby FIVE birth control pills daily.

Baby boys normally have a testosterone surge from birth to six months, but soy formula interferes with these essential levels. Effects may not be seen until puberty. Boys might not develop sexual organs at all, while girls as young as eight begin to develop sexually.

Pregnant women should avoid soy for the same reasons, and more. Soy sensitizes the mammary cells of the pre-born baby girls, making them more susceptible to breast cancer later in their lives.

2. Soy formula contains 1000% more aluminum than milk based formula. Aluminum is a neruro-toxin. It has been linked to Alzheimer's disease. (also avoid aluminum cans and found in non clean vaccines)

Studies show that soy fed infants have more learning disabilities than milk or formula babies.

3. Soy has no cholesterol. Infants need cholesterol for brain and nerve development.

4. Soy in formula has something called manganese. This can damage the brain in many ways. Hyperactivity, neurological problems, or criminal behavior later in life have been have been linked to manganese.

Breast milk daily provides only 0.005 mg of manganese, whereas the food and drug Administration allows 0.6 mg of manganese in formula, 120 times more.

Dr Stanley van den Noort, former dean, UC-Irvine College of Medicine., warns, "The data...are convincing that manganese is a neurotoxin...We should exercise strong caution in the use of soy-based formula around the world."--Fluoride increases the uptake of manganese in the brain, so it is important to AVOID fluoridated water in reconstituting soy formula.

5. Phytic acid in soy blocks absorption of minerals, especially calcium, iron and zinc. High amounts of usefulness may cause chronic thyroid damage and inhibit normal growth and development. Protease factors in soy deplete essential nutrients that prevent cancer.

6. Soy and men:

"In a major ongoing study involving 3,7347 elderly Japanese-American men, those who ate the most tofu during midlife had up to 2.4 times the risk of later developing Alzheimer's disease. As part of the three-decade long Honolulu-Asia aging study, 27 foods and drinks were correlated with parti9cipants' health. Men who consumed tofu at least twice weekly had more cognitive impairment, compared with those who rarely or never at the soybean curd." www.

7. Soy and Women:

"Isoflavones (soy) may have virtually no effect on breast cancer while the (flax) lignans reduced breast cancer by 30%. Freshly ground organic flax seeds can provide a very high amount of protective lignans."- ACJN, feb. 2004

Here are reasons not to eat unfermented soy products:

a. allergies (related to peanut)

b. suppresses the thyroid (weight gain)

c. increase of breast cancer in women whose mothers ate soy

d. phytic acid chelates minerals out

e. high manganese can cause learning disabilities

f. kidney stones

g. suppressed immune function (genistein reduces thymus cells)

h. soy causes the brain to shrink

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