Friday, August 29, 2008


Hubby has been working 20 hour days the last couple of days. He doesn't go to bed until around 7am and sleeps 3 to 4 hours and works again. He went to bed this morning at 7 and by 7:20 he was already called to do something else. The kids and I are missing him and he is just fried. Hopefully he is done now.

Baby boy found an old ToysRus catalog on the bookshelf. It was from Christmas 07. He couldn't sleep last night because he was so busy thinking of toys he wanted. I told him that he didn't need any toys because he doesn't take care of what he has.

He laid in his bed for an hour and then got up. He said, "Mommy I know how to get Santa to give me or toys." I asked how. He said, "Well...if wizards are real then I will have them zap me and make many of me. Maybe 5 or 6. Then I will have all of me to take care of my toys and put them away. Then I can get more toys."

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Kristy said...

Hi Rebecca , I am so sorry that your husband is so tired, I just hate that. Poor guy!!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Sorry I ahve not been around lately, hopefully now things will slow down a bit and I can get all caught up!! Have a great weekend!

Love, Kristy