Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I have a headache

These two sweet pictures were taken years ago. They look sweet and unable to rattle my cage.
Baby boy took a pair of scissors to a shirt and made art this week. The whole t-shirt was in pieces. It originally read,"Would this face lie?"
he also: poured out a pattern of green aloe jell on the carpet, filled up a bag of ice and put some in is underwear and wore it around the house, lied, and yelled, and hit sister and many other things that I am not thinking of this second.

Baby girl convinced brother to put ice in his underwear, lied, told brother that she was going to cut him with the scissors, watched as she saw him cut up his shirt and then told mom when he was done, watched him pour aloe on the carpet and the told mom, yelled, and many other things that I am not thinking of at this second.

They are great kids, but are both working on my nerves. We have done plenty of fun things and they are still finding trouble!


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~Lydia~ said...

Hug we all have our bad days! Aloe is much better than poop (speeking from experience...)

Taylor said...

Sounds like mommy needs some away from the house time. Maybe plan an evening out with friends. That's what I plan to do tonight.