Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I know I just screamed my title at you. I meant to because this is how much I hate Walmart.

My husband decided he wanted to try and make a white Russian. He went into the kitchen and there were little black ants crawling on the counter. This happened between doing dishes and the drink being made an hour later.

He sprayed the ants with the non-toxic ant killer, then created his drink.

I came into the kitchen and the ants were still laying in their death pools. I saw a few more ants staggering around.

I asked hubby if we had any more ant killer. No. I needed to venture to the store since he was drinking and were were out of all our insectiscide.

I climbed into the car and looked at the clock. It was nearing 9 pm. I thought quickly of all the places that would be open, then quickly realized that the only place that would have a selection would be Walmart. (groan)

I pulled into the Walmart parking lot. The spaces were packed. I saw people coming out of the store. I smiled, surprised not to see women with curlers in their hair and barefoot men. Everyone looked conventional.

I pulled into a parking spot. I walked into the store and grabbed my shopping cart. I started walking though the store and wondered why the loud racket. Oh crap, I thought, it was my cart. I continued on because I was in a hurry.

As I shopped I noticed cans of Pringles on the ground, clothes covered the isles, and carts full of product abandoned.

I tried to hurry because the lines were all 6 people deep. I decided to grab a few odds and ends while I was there. (rolls eyes at self)

Jump ahead and I payed and was leaving the store. I walked to the exit. There was a lady sitting at that end of the store. She said, "Sorry you can't go out this door." I said, "My car is parked out that exit." She shrugged.

I walked to the other side of the store fuming. I looked over to my side of the parking lot. There were no lights and numerous cars. I feared for my safety.

I trudged on to my car. My gaze fell on a little old lady. She was limping as she grasped her basket. The parking lot was imposing. I slowed down as she wobbled to her car. I was relieved that she was parked next to me.

We spoke as we loaded our groceries into our vehicles. How dare they not warn us.

http://walmartwatch.com/ I have not liked Walmart for years. They mistreat their employees, their customers, and their vendors.

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Karla said...

I completely agree with the title of this post. IF I HAVE to goto walmart, I take a 'body guard' with me.