Sunday, June 08, 2008

I am Spartacus!

Hi, Hubby/Daddy here. Baby boy was pretty wired today, probably somewhat because of baby girl's sleepover last night. Anyway, he repeated the following facts to us at least 5 times each today about Sportacus of Lazytown fame:

1) Sportacus always eats his fruits and vegetables.
2) Whenever he eats to much candy he has a "sugar meltdown" (complete with falling to the floor demonstration)
3) Did I mention that Sportacus always eats his fruits and vegetables?

He repeated these facts so often and so enthusiastically that we had to try really hard not to laugh at him, since we already made that mistake once today and made him embarrassed. He wanted to be like Sportacus so bad that he voluntarily cleaned his bedroom and the sunroom, an unprecedented development since his, well, birth. He had a nap this afternoon so tonight he was even more wound up than before if that's possible. It's about 10 PM and I think that MAYBE he's actually asleep right now. Wife/Mommy said "He talks even more than me, if I talked that much you probably wouldn't have married me." I replied that that might have been true if all she talked about was Sportacus :) I think it is only appropriate to end this post with a picture of baby boy in his Sportacus costume the other day:


Anonymous said...

Hero worship is a powerful thing! Just be glad Sportacus has good habits like cleaning rooms and eating fruits and veggies!


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