Wednesday, February 13, 2008

School update

Baby Girl parent teacher conference. She didn't have much to say. She said that Baby girl is well above target on math. She is doing really well with her reading. Her writing is really good but she needs to work on making her letters smaller. Her best skill right now (drum roll please) Her social skills. The teacher said that she is very good at doing her own problem solving with her friends. She has a great ability to make friends and help others feel comforted. YAY!

While on the cruise my baby boy charmed the ladies, again. He had been charming people from the day of his birth. My husband and I laugh about this on a regular basis. The ladies running the kids area on the cruise started calling him "boyfriend". The whole trip he had them wrapped around his little pinkie. They were almost in tears the last day of the cruise. They told me that I was the luckiest mommy in the world to get to take my two kids home.

I treasure the differences between my children. My daughter is shy with adults but really outgoing with her peers. My son is out going with everyone.

This difference makes it difficult at times. Baby girl takes a while to warm up to adults. When we go places everyone shouts hi to my son. I feel bad for her because I feel she gets slighted. Then I realize she does very well with kids in her grade. It does make me sad at times.

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