Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You know you are a mom when...

Tonight baby girl's nose started bleeding. This is pretty common around our house. She yells, "MOMMY I HAVE A BLOODY NOSE!" I run to her and stick my hand under her nose and pinch. I hold while hubby runs to fetch some napkins. (we are leaving a restaurant) Once we got some napkins to cover her nose, I looked down at my hands. I was covered in blood. It looked pretty gruesome.

Standing there with blood on the floor, all over her face, and on my hands...I started laughing. The thought that this was one of the least gross of the bodily fluids I have had on me since having kids. I have been thrown up on, spit upon, pooped on my face/mouth, and ear puss-ed on my body.

All these things freaked me out before I had children. Now I laugh.

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