Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Boyfriend

Baby boy's teacher started laughing when I picked him up from school today. She told me that she had the funniest story to tell me about last Thursday.

Last week the two girls in his class were talking about having boyfriends.(this is pre-school mind you) The teacher told them that they were too young for boyfriends. They needed to be really old before they had boyfriends. Baby boy pipped up and said, "My mommy has a boyfriend and a husband." The teacher said, "don't say anything else [babyboy]!" She was saying lalalalala to herself in her head. He starts laughing and said, "Her boyfriend is her husband silly!"

Also my blog got nominated for a blogger award. Here is the link http://franceskasjourneyhome.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Do you remember when Baby Girl was nominated for the gifted program and you were trying to recall specific examples of her giftedness? One area was sense of humor. If you are collecting incidents to remember for Baby Boy, this is one of them!

Congratulations on the award nomination!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your nomination!!!! Baby boy is showing remarkable skill at deduction. Most kids his age would not think of,neverless.reason out the complex
(boyfriend/girlfriend) relationship in regard to parents.

It shows you and hubby are showing him a healthy relationship that most kids cannot take for granted.
He also has some great genes, if I don't say so myself.

Love Always,