Thursday, October 04, 2007


I am feeling a little hot under the collar today. I am a member of a message board called cafemom. This is supposed to be group for moms to support each other. I am finding it to be a place to get tips on how to morally degrade your children. As if spanking were not enough, people now put "hot sauce" their children. Kids have died from having this done. It is considered borderline abusive and people have gotten their children taken away for doing this, and yet people make excuses for it.

I want to write a book called "How to Parent without hitting, slapping, spanking, degrading, pulling hair, kicking, biting, smacking, tapping, bulling, pinching or taking away love" I know its a long title, but come on!!! I have heard these all as ways to handle discipline. Its possible, it just takes time. No one is saying don't discipline your children, just don't hurt them.

No kids are perfect and neither are parents. With that said, it takes a little more time to parent without doing these things! Even if you spank your kids, if you are doing every day or every week...its not working! Parting takes skill and patients. The parent is the adult and should control themselves. Flying off the handle or doing something cruel to your kids like putting Tabasco sauce on their tongue is not necessary.

The thing that is driving me the most crazy is the argument "it was done to me and i am fine" This is not a reason. I didn't use a car seat when I was a kid and I didn't die. (rolls eyes)

Even those that do spank (i did it a few times myself and decided it was not for me) know that you should never spank in anger!

Thanks for listening to my rant!

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~Lydia~ said...

I have to agree with this post!!!

"people now put "hot sauce" their children" <-- What is this? I've never heard of it?

"it was done to me and i am fine" <-- my husband's favorite argument! I agree it's a lame argument.

I agree I've tried spanking, it just makes me more angry, and doesn't work. It's so much easier to avoid the situation by putting temptations away, or avoiding being over tired, or hungry. Most of the "discipline" problems in my house happen when we let him get too tired, or too hungry, and he just melts down.

Of course I have to add CIO, and other such abandonments to the list of abusive parenting, no offense if you choose to parent this way, just don't expect me to agree. Kids especially babies need their parents and aren't trying to be manipulative.