Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Boy vs Girl

I was watching "Sex in the City" the TV show the day before yesterday. It was one where Miranda finds out the sex of her baby. She has to pretend being excited that it is a boy. It got me thinking...why do people care about the sex of her baby.

When I was pregnant with baby girl people would ask me the sex of the baby. When I told them, they would say how exciting. When I was pregnant with baby boy, people would say oh wow I bet [hubby] is excited.

Now that second response stunned me. Why would my hubby be excited about a boy and not a girl. I don't understand that response what so ever. While hormones were surging it actually made me very angry. Do people think boys are more valuable than girls now a days?

I reality, we were a bit scared to have a boy. We had had a girl first, so that's what we knew. We were happy to have a boy, it was just uncharted territory to us.

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