Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Love affiar

My love affair with Harry Potter has just ended. The book was really good. I will not give any spoilers for the 7th addition. J.K. Rowling did a wonderful job writing this fantastic series. Anyone who knows me and has read this book, knows that it ended perfect. I cried at the end and then cried again as I explain the ending to hubby. (my crying doesn't give anything away, I was just being emotional)

The last book that made me cry was Snow Flower and the Secret Lisa See. I just got done reading Monique and the Mango Rain, that one deserved tears (it was non fiction) but it did nothing. You can see that its silly that a kids series made me cry.

I also get a bit sad when a book ends. I don't know how do describe it. I think its almost as though I invest myself into the characters of the story. I start the book read as fast as I can and then get sad because its over. It only lasts maybe a few hours but it is strange that I get so attached.

What was the last book that made you cry? Do you ever feel attached to the books you are reading? (don't include the bible, because as Christians, that goes without saying)


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean; I get involved with the characters too. The last book that made me cry was the one I already mentioned in response to your previous post: The Memory Keeper's Daughter.


Taylor said...

I ALWAYS get attached, especially with a series. It's like the people become a part of my life. And for me, I think the more appropriate question is what book have you not cried at the end of?

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

LOL I don't cry at every book, I used to be more likely to cry. Taylor would you like me to add you to my links?