Tuesday, May 15, 2007

what are they thinking?

Ok I was hit on twice today. The one that bugged me was....

I decided to go to Braums for a yogart cone. I hadn't had one in months and it sounded good. I went after my workout so that I had worked off the calories first. I had on no make up. I was sitting in the car. A man starts waving at me. Jumping up and down from inside the place (I was in drive through) I waved back because the refection of the sun I didn't know if I knew the person or not. Then be blew me a kiss. I relized that I did not know this man. Then he starts waving his phone around and calls the girl over who was giving me my order. He wanted me to call him. Isn't that just silly. Does he really think that a woman would ever go for picking her up at a drive through? I was wearing my ring, it just seemed silly.

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