Friday, May 11, 2007

true love

My children warm my heart. I picked them up from school today and they both had gifts for me for mothers day. Jr-ett had made a flower pot and melted wax with pen cap in the middle, then made the main part of the pen look like a bouquet of flowers. It was cute. Jr painted a glass flower pot and had carnations in there.

When they saw each other after school, they both threw their arms around each other and professed their love. Jr-ett had used her treasure box stickers from school to get Jr a toy for the second time.

Then we got home and Jr cuddle me and hugged me and kissed me. Jr-ett said to me don't look over here, I have a surprise I am working on. Then she came over and said mommy I love you, look. She had cleaned up the dining room area. She said, "mommy, i knew you wanted a clean house for mothers day, so i did this for you" i told her thanks you and hugged and kissed her. I told her i would give her a sticker for her chart for cleaning without being asked. She said,"NO mommy, its because i love you, for mothers day, not for a sticker" (SOBS WITH HAPPINESS)

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