Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Yesterday the kids and I went to Target and they wanted everything. I bought them each two things from the dollar section, and let them both pick out some underwear. I also purchased a blank poster and star stickers.

When we got home I put thier names on the poster with number 1-20 on each line. Then we sat down and dicussed some rules. When they get twenty stickers they get to pick a prize, from the things they picked at Target. They were really happy.

You can get stickers if:

1. oldest feeds dog every day.
2. Eat all veggies without complaining at dinner
3. Caught being nice to brother/sister
4. cleaning up
5. Helping mommy and daddy
6. Littlest staying in bed after going night night.
7. Helping others in need
8. keeping room clean

we can lose stickers by:
1. arguing with parents
2. yelling
3. hitting
4. for anything that mommy and daddy say you can loose them for

As soon as we got home they were falling all over eachother trying to be nice. They both went into Sunroom/playroom and started cleaning up. They both ate thier dinner and did not complain. They both went to bed fast and nicely. They woke up made beds, got ready for school, feed the dog. Came home from school got ready for dance, shared, played nicely, came home, set table helped with dinner and ate thier dinners.

Its been the nicest two days in a while!!!!!!!!!! Even if it only works for the next two days it was worth it :)



Blueeyes said...

Good Luck with the rest of the week.

Michael said...

What can I get stickers for?

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

You can always clean the house, do handy man work, or spoil me ;) I will consider going on a date with you for your treasure.