Monday, April 09, 2007

To Mephis and beyond

I am so glad we are home. The drive home seemed to take forever. We had a great visit. The kids decorated Easter Eggs and got to hunt them. They made flowers out of wooden sticks and painted them. They got to help cook, set the table, and fight a lot. The Easter Bunny visited Mephis.

We met with Jeff and watch a FBI movie that was great. Rebekah and Jeff talked about the perils of being single at 30 and beyond.

Micheals grandmother and granddaddy came down for a visit. Grandma gave the kids each 10 dollars to spend on what they like.

We went to Church and Jr-ett went up for childrens time and shouted "Jesus is Lord" in a cheer. Jr got a donut hole.

It was a good weekend.


I hope you all had an Easter to fill the soul.

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