Friday, March 30, 2007

What a week

Its been a crazy week. I have been going going going this week. Monday we went to Laura's house for a play date. Then got back here took naps. Took Ally to vet for blood work and ex rays. She has heart worms. I wanted to go to a program at church but could not because Micheal was sick and my ears were full from allergies. Tuesday I got took Jr-ett to school. Came home cleaned house. Brian came over and picked up some clothes for Eric. (Being the idiot that I am I think I accidentally gave him an outfit my MNL smocked and made so I now have to ask for it back) picked up the kids at two. Came home did snacks. Took Jr-ett to dance. Jr wasn't feeling well this day too. Came home fixed dinner and then went to go visit Gail in hospital with Laura. Wednesday I slept in took ally back to vet for more blood work because they found that her enzymes are too high. They wanted to check her again. Got back home had to go pick her up again took naps with kids, dinner and time with family. Thursday got up took kids to school. Decided I was tired (allergy meds are really making me want to sleep) went to lay down and woke up 1:30. Picked up kids and played with them. Felt guilty for sleeping the day away. Then Micheal and I talked and we decided to buy me a new wedding ring. Here are the two I am going to choose from. Help me pick.

Friday I woke up and then Jr burnt his foot. I took care of that and then went to take a shower and went to register my baby girl for kindergarten. That was easy because I had done the paperwork early. Jr-ett was a bit disappointed because she wanted to do something there. It seems too quick. We talked about me being sad and Jr said mommy "when we take sis sis to school I will cheer you up" then Jr-ett said "mommy when I go I will give you a dollar and that will make you feel better"

We got back and I typed this up. I hope the weekend is full of fun and adventure.


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Blueeyes said...

I like both rings.....The 2nd one is my favorite.