Saturday, January 20, 2007

Heart Ache

Today I have been watching the an Oprah that I had recorded from Thursday. It was about the boy that was kidnapped and the boy found. My heart is broken. I feel such a since of joy and sadness about this story.

I am so happy that these families got thier boys back but I feel there loss. Thier boys have loss thier innocents. They have been though such terrior.

It makes me mad that the media is saying stuff about the Sean Hornback not calling. The boy was terrified. He had lost everything. He was being held captive and being brain washed. Of course he did not call his parents. He left clues.

I feel like in some ways I can relate to him with all the stuff that happend when I was a child. I wasn't kidnapped by a stranger. I was kidnapped and told how to hide if the police knocked on the door. I lived in fear of being dicovered. I remember when the police finding me, I was more afraid of the police than the people that had me. I felt I would be in trouble for getting caught.

I know those boys were sexually abused. I can relate to that. I know how they feel and I know they need to figure out who they are again.


quote: "if you have a question about a child, go with your gut. You might be wrong, but it might save a life"

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