Friday, August 18, 2006

Another day another Dime

Tonight is girls night with some of my James Blunt friends. One of them is going to be my roommate in Vegas. (anyone that wants to come is welcome)

Last night, I got out the flash cards. I bought them at the dollar spot in Target. It was interesting because I learned a lot. I thought Hunter did not know his colors at all, and seems to have them down great. I do think that he might be Green/brown Purple/blue color blind. He does not know his letters by sight yet. I used the numbers with Courtney, Hunter was counting. Courtney just started doing math. Figuring it in her head. Mommy if I had two ice cream cones and I added five pieces of candy I would have a total of 7 snacks. It surprised me that she knew addition and subtraction. I had played with her before this way, but she had never shown a propensity for numbers. Then hunter started trying to use one to one correlation. It was pretty cool. They were both really proud of themselves. :)

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3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

It is so wonderful to watch kids "think" and figure things out for themselves. You have two very bright kids. They have one special mom that loves to spend time with them while they are learning.