Friday, July 28, 2006

Take care of Mommy

The kids woke up this morning and climbed into bed with me. I was just laying with them for a few cuddles. My eyes were open during these events.

Courtney starts to sing to me while Hunter presses his face against mine to cuddle. I turn toward Courtney for a second and he says:

Hunter: I take care of mommy
Courtney: Ok

I turn back to Hunter and he snuggles in, while Courtney continues to play with my hair and sing.

Courtney: Hunter, I want to go watch Shreck, could you take care of Mommy for me?
Hunter: OK I take care of Mommy

He rolls over and pats me and kisses me and snuggles in again.


Karla said...

Don't you just love moments like these? Kids are so precious--enjoy your little precious gifts from Heaven above:-)

Blueeyes said...

Hunter is sucking up for something he did before he got in bed with Mommie! He's a cutie!