Thursday, July 06, 2006

One days adventures

Today was full of adventures.  First we got up and had playtime. Then it was bath time.We meet a friend of mine, Leen for Lunch. The kids had fun! Courtney drew her a picture and Hunter flirted like mad. She seemed charmed, and was so lovely with them. 
Leen and Hunter
After lunch we went to the grocery store. That's always an adventure with a toddler and preschooler.  The kids were excited to pick out a cake and frosting to make for daddy's birthday (yellow cake mix and white frosting with sprinkles).
After we arrived home from the store, I got the kids down for a nap. An hour of getting up and down occurred, they both fell asleep; Courtney first, then Hunter (Hunter insisted on napping on the couch). After they woke up they made Michael a cake. Almost as soon as we finished the cake, he walked in the door. He was happy to see their creation. I had dinner on the table and we ate before Michael left for a meeting at church. 
Next I chatted with my sister while the children had free play on my bed. Hunter tried to break his neck (what else is new?). Then they went to the back yard, and dug dirt with my ladles.  Yeah, I wasn't happy about that. So when Mrs. Sharon called I jumped at the chance to go for a walk. 
Four skinned knees later, we had made it around the block. We decided to stop and play in my front yard (Hunter running 20 yards in front , Camden 20 yards behind, and Noah and Courtney in the middle while Sharon was being drug by the dog). I ran inside for water a pitcher, 4 kids glasses, 2 adult glasses, and 6 straws. The adults were glad to sit and have grownup conversation. 
When the kids tried to get the adults to play, I suggested the kids paint with ice. It was a hot day, so it was perfect for ice painting. After they bored of that, decided to get out a surprise. 
Noah and Courtney

I got out the sidewalk paint kit( (also includes chalk). 5 paint brushes and one roller paint. Camden sat right down in it, Noah walked in it, Hunter got it in his hair, and Courtney just got a little on her knee. Courtney and Noah fought over who would draw over the tic tac toe board. They played chase, and a neighbors kid wondered over. Camden put the helmet on and practiced riding the bike. Then daddy got home, so we went for a walk. Courtney's quote for the night "Noah is my best friend, so he can't boss me!" We all said goodbye, then got inside took more baths. Scrubbed the paint out of Hunters hair. The water was black for both of them. Then milk, brush teeth, and bed. I returned 2 phone calls, uploaded pictures, and typing this now.......phew



Karla said...

Whew, what a fun filled day! The pictures are adorable :-).

leen said...

my god, do you fun like this with your kids every day?
that is soo amazing.

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

LOL was a fun day. I am usually not good with messes...but I threw caution to the wind that day.