Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The 4th with my Mom

Mom at Chambrel making Hunter laugh
Today, we went to visit my mom for lunch at Chambrel, her retirement home. My kids were fun, and then rude. Courtney had the audacity to tell my mom, "You should not eat with your mouth full", while Hunter dared to utter, "You eat too much!"  We promptly corrected them remembering how honest children can be.
Courtney did great, but don't love that my bangs were cut
so short!
Courtney was very proud of herself for taking her first pictures with our camera. She took all that I posted except for the one of her.
Very excited to see Grandma.  She felt like a star because
everyone kept telling her she was so pretty. 
Courtney did great with Michael's picture too. 


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